Chubb Jewelry Insurance Online Quote

Speak to an independent agent about your insurance needs.

Wear and enjoy your jewelry anywhere in the world knowing it’s protected against most types of loss with no deductible.

Your jewelry is more than just something you wear. These priceless pieces evoke memories of a special time in your life. Chubb Jewelry Insurance Online Quote

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Have questions about protecting your collection? If you’re a Chubb client, you can call for a referral to a qualified professional. Call 1-877-60CHUBB, option 2.

Chubb Jewelry Insurance Online Quote

Online Jewelry Insurance

As a Chubb client, you can call for a free referral to a qualified jewelry professional. We have relationships with local jewelers, safe companies, appraisers, and auction houses, and can connect you with best-in-class vendors.

Chubb Jewelry Insurance Online Quote

Why Should I Insure Chubb Jewelry Insurance Online Quote?

Whether you own one luxury piece of jewelry, a few vintage watches, or an entire collection of valuable items, jewelry insurance can give you the peace of mind that you can repair or replace it after the event. Chubb Jewelry Insurance automatically insures new, rented, or outsourced jewelry and gives you access to qualified professionals to give you tips on how to protect your jewelry from robbery. , You can introduce the jewelry specialist you need.

Chubb Jewelry Insurance Online Quote Highlights

Individualized Coverage ↗

We offer flexible and global coverage options to meet your unique needs and cover most gemstone losses without exceeding them.

Paying Market Value ↗

If the pre-damage market value of
items exceed the insurance coverage, we will pay up to 150% of the amount stated in the policy to offset the increase in market value.

Automatic Coverage for New Items ↗

If the jewelry is already listed in the policy, the newly purchased item will be covered for up to 90 days (25% of the listed coverage).

Agreed Value Feature ↗

Work with you in advance to determine the value of your jewelry. If the total loss is covered, 100% of the agreed amount will be refunded as a cash settlement.

Liberal Appraisal Requirements ↗

You need a quote for a single piece of jewelry worth over $100,00. Otherwise, only detailed explanations and estimates are needed.

Blanket or Scheduled Items ↗

Completely cover the entire
jewelry collection, organize individual pieces, or both. it’s up to you.

In-House Services of Chubb Jewelry Insurance

Chubb’s jewelry business includes GIA-certified in-house jewelry specialists in the areas of underwriting, loss prevention, and claim adjustment. They can be used to provide jewelry expert recommendations and services such as: