Generators for TownHomes

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Generators for TownHomes: Not all townhomes have access to reliable power sources in case of emergencies like blackouts or storms. Most townhomes don’t come with onsite backup generators so when the power goes out, you’ll have to wait until the electricity comes back.

Gas-powered generators are the first thing that comes to mind in this type of situation, but they’re not always the best option for some people. They’re noisy and they rely on gas, which means you can only use them outdoors.

The most alarming thing to keep in mind is that they emit carbon monoxide, which can kill a person in minutes. What makes it more dangerous is that you can’t see or smell the fumes.

That’s why you should never run a gas-powered generator indoors or even in partially enclosed areas like your townhomes balcony, to name a few.

But not to worry, there are indoor generators for apartments use! Battery-powered generators are a practical alternative for people living in townhomes and condos.

They don’t need gas or emit fumes – making them perfect for indoor use. Most can be recharged by plugging it into an outlet or with solar panels.

In this article, you’ll learn a few things about how to safely use generators for townhomes, which type of generator is best to use inside a townhome, and a handful of our top picks. If you are looking for the best indoor generators reviews go through the link.

5 Best Generators for TownHomes in 2022

1. Jackery Explorer 500W Generators for TownHomes

Jackery 500W Generators for TownHomes

If you need an indoor generator to power the essential electronics in your townhome or CPAP – the Jackery Power Station Explorer 500 would be the right fit for you.

Its total power output is 500 rated watts. That’s enough to charge laptops, TV, mobile phones, or LED lights. It is also an optimal choice for CPAP thanks to its 55H-78H DC output. The power station produces a pure sine wave to protect sensitive devices while plugged in.

It has temperature control, circuit protection, and other safety features to keep the generator running smoothly and safely. You can charge it using a wall outlet, car adapter, or optional solar panel.

Note that this is a very compact indoor generator, and it’s not meant for use with any larger equipment. Don’t expect it to power, e.g., your window AC unit. Overall if you need a compact indoor generator for apartments – this is one of your best choices.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400W Generators for TownHomes

Goal Zero Yeti 400

Silent and portable, this small indoor generator can be taken anywhere extra power is needed. The power station comes equipped with a 428Wh lithium battery. It provides 1200 surge watts and 300 running watts.

That’s enough to charge a TV, phones, tablets, computers, and some small appliances like a camping fridge. Most importantly, during a power outage, this power station can run a CPAP machine. You can also daisy-chain with other power stations to increase your total power output.

It’s also extremely quiet and 100% environmentally friendly. The power station uses a pure sine wave inverter, meaning your portable electronics can run safely. You can quickly charge this unit either via a wall socket or portable solar panels.

Overall, it is one of the best generators for indoor use money can buy. We would recommend it to everyone looking for a reliable supplementary home backup power supply.

3. Rockpals 500W Generators for TownHomes

Rockpals 500W Generators for TownHomes

Rockpals Lithium Portable Power Station joins the ranks of the best indoor generators for apartments. It’s a very compact unit, weighing only 7.3lbs. That makes it very easy to carry.

The generator delivers 300 rated watts of pure sine wave energy. That is enough to power a CPAP machine. There are two ways to connect a CPAP. You can either use an AC or DC connection.

For a DC connection, the manufacturer recommends using a DC converter for optimal performance. You can also use this generator to power a TV at a trade fair.

Nothing prevents you from bringing it along for camping. It could quickly charge your portable electronic equipment. You can recharge this power station either via solar panels (sold separately) or a wall socket. The car charging outlet will also work perfectly fine.

4. AIMTOM 300-Watt Generators for TownHomes

AIMTOM 300-Watt Generators for TownHomes

The 300-Watt portable indoor generator is powerful enough to charge mobile devices and run small appliances. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, you can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously.

We recommend this power station to campers, hikers, and anyone who wants to prepare for emergencies.

For example, you can power your CPAP machine for up to ten hours, making it a perfect match for a power outage. The generator produces 300 watts of pure sine wave power. That means your electronics receive a steady flow of electricity while charging or operating.

There is also a cooling fan to prevent it from overheating during use. Besides, you can recharge using a wall outlet, car socket, or optional solar panel. The LED panel displays battery status so you can quickly know how much power you have left.

5. SUAOKI Portable Power Station

SUAOKI Portable Generators for TownHomes

Suaoki portable power station is a sturdy and reliable indoor generator. The unit is also perfect for camping in case you need to take it with you on your next trip. The 2.9-pound power station’s lithium battery is rated at 100 Watts.

It delivers pure sine wave energy suitable for sensitive electronic equipment. You can choose between 10 ports and outlets, including 3 USB, 4 DC, 2 AC, and 1 QC 3.0 USB charging port. You can quickly recharge it using a standard wall socket, car outlet, or an optional solar panel.

This generator will appeal to people who want extra power but don’t want to carry a bulky unit. It easily fits in a backpack so that it won’t take up much space. Hikers, campers, and day-trippers won’t have any problem taking this anywhere they want to go.

However, rated at just 100 Watts, this portable generator is not powerful enough to run small appliances (for example, an electric kettle or power drill.) If you need to run anything larger, you should consider getting the unit offering more wattage.

FAQs About Generators for TownHomes

Can a generator be used in TownHomes?

Yes, but only battery-powered generators can be used in townhomes. Never ever use gas-powered generators inside your house or RV. Exhausts from gas generators contain poisonous carbon monoxide fumes that can kill you in minutes.

Can I charge multiple devices at once?

It depends on the number of power outlets or charging ports your generator has. If you have multiple devices that require an AC outlet, then you don’t want a generator that only has one AC outlet.
Alternatively, if you plan to charge devices that use USB cords like your smartphone, then it makes sense to choose a generator that includes at least one USB port in addition to an AC outlet.

How long do I need to charge my generator?

The time required to fully charge a generator depends on its wattage capacity. It can take anywhere between 7 to 20 hours when plugged into an outlet.

How long will my generator keep running?

Battery capacity is measured in watt-hours (Wh). If a generator has 500Wh, that means it can power a 500-watt appliance for 1 hour or a 100-watt device for 5 hours.
That’s why it’s important to know which appliances you need to run as well as how much wattage those appliances consume before you decide.

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