NID BD Card Download

Getting bored by searching on Google “NID BD” to download your NID card online copy? You should stop hunting right now. In this guide, I will show you how you can download NID with the help of NID service Bangladesh.

The system of Bangladesh NID application is an easy process to be done. Let’s talk about the process of NID card download online with 3 easy steps. Before proceeding you should have the Surokkha Gov BD certificate.

At the time of performing digitalization, Bangladesh is the fastest-growing country in the world. And it becomes true with the help of online. Nowadays most of the services by the Government of Bangladesh is depending on the internet. And a service called NID becomes a golden opportunity for Bangladeshi people.

You can easily view and download or reissue your new ID card from your smartphone or computer. If the NID card you lost, you can re-download or apply for a reissue. Only your card can download a national identity card with slip number / NID number and mobile number. Let’s find out first what will be required for this. Sometimes, the server of the NID servicing website will be down for high traffic. You have to be patient and need to try after some time.

NID Card Downloading with 3 Steps

All you need to do is to collect these documents before browsing the NID service website.

  1. Slip number of the voter registration form
  2. Date of birth
  3. Current and Permanent Address (Division, District, Upazila)
  4. A smartphone or laptop or computer
  5. Mobile number (for OTP verification)
  6. Another Android Smart Phone (for Face Verification)

Step 1- Download the NID BD Wallet mobile app

First, for Face Verification, the Election Commission’s mobile app NID Wallet needs to be installed on another mobile. Go to Google Play Store and search by typing BD NID Wallet. Then install the app. Remember you can also find the option NID card check for additional uses.

Step 2 – National Identity Card [NID BD] Registration and Login

Registration is required on the NID service website with a slip number, national identity card, or voter ID card number. If you have been a voter since 2019, you may have a voter ID slip. You can get the national identity card with the slip number.

After registering with the National Identity Card9NID BD), you can download the voter ID card and use it by printing and laminating. Now, you need to register or sign up for the National Identity Card website. Follow the steps below.

Click on the Register link here.

NID BD Registration Strep 1

Step 2: Enter NID BD card / Voter ID Card / Smart Card Number or Slip Number 

Type your date of birth and the code shown in the picture and click the submit button.

Step 3: Now choose your current and permanent address (division, district, Upazila)

Like the picture below.

permanent address nid bd

Step 4:

If all the above information is correct, your mobile number will be shown. Or you need to verify your account with a new mobile number.
Of course, the mobile number must be active and in your hand. Because a verification OTP of this number will be sent.

OTP Verification

Enter your mobile number correctly here and click the send message button.

Entering Mobile Number

Step 5

A 6-digit verification code will be sent to your mobile. Enter the code in the cell shown in the image above and click the Apply button.

NID Wallet Dashboard

Now a QR code will be shown for your Face Verification. You need to scan the code with the NID Wallet app and do your face verification.

NID Wallet QR Verification

Step 7

A QR code will be displayed for your Face Verification. Mobile that you have installed NID Wallet. Take that mobile in hand. Open the app and scan the QR code.

Step 8

Like the video shown in the app, hold the selfie camera along your face and look straight ahead. If OK, OK or tick mark notification will be shown in the picture.

Then, look at the camera and turn your head once to the right and once to the left. If not OK, try again.

When the face verification is completed, you will see a page like the one below.

New Password Set

Step 9

Set the password. In order to log in to the account in the future without the hassle of face verification, you need to set a password by clicking the set password button.

I would suggest setting a strong and rememberable password that you can remember. Because, in future, you will need this key if in case you lost the card.

Step 3: Download National Identity Card [NID Card]

As soon as you set the password, you will be logged in to your NID website. You will see your picture and profile.

NID Card Download

Download your new national identity card / NID card by clicking on the download option at the bottom from the option shown on the right side of the photo.

To Reissuing BD NID with mobile number

There is no opportunity to issue national identity cards with mobile numbers only. However, if you know the National Identity Card number, and date of birth, you can get the National Identity Card by registering with the mobile number from the NID BD service website.

If you want to know how to find out a person’s name and address with someone’s mobile number, I would say it is impossible for the general public. Because of the security of personal information, there is no such opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions – NID BD

I want to see my NID BD card, how do I see it?

If you have a National Identity Card Number or Voter Registration Slip Number, you can view or download your National Identity Card.

What to do if the slip number of the NID registration form is lost?

If your voter registration form slip is lost, you have to submit the application form for the lost card with the correct voter ID number by GD to the nearest police station and submit it to the election office of your Upazila.

I lost my voter registration slip. Is it possible to get a National ID card without a slip?

If the slip is lost, you have to make a GD at the nearest police station and submit the application form for the lost card with the correct voter ID number to the election office of your Upazila. You can know your voter ID number from the Upazila office.

How to get a national identity card? How do I register online for a new voter ID card?

If you are over 18, you can apply online for National Identity Card or Voter ID Card. Read the rules for getting a new national identity card online. Those who registered to vote in 2019 have already been given smart cards. And those who have not yet received the smart national identity card, can download and use the national identity card online copy.

How to make a voter ID card?

If you are over 18 years of age, you can apply online for a new National Identity Card or Voter ID Card. Read the rules for getting a new national identity card online

What does it take to correct a voter ID card?

Necessary paperwork will be required as proof of relevant information according to the type of information correction of the national identity card. For example, SSC Certificate, Passport, Driving License, Birth Registration, Parent ID Card, etc. Read- National Identity Card Amendment

What to do if a voter ID card is lost?

First, you have to apply for an online reissue by attaching the original copy of GD to the nearest police station.

How to recover a lost national identity card?

If the national identity card is lost, first you have to make a GD at the nearest police station. Then you have to upload a GD copy and apply for reissue online. Once the application is approved, you can download the national identity card for printing online.

How to find out the name and address of a person with a mobile number?

Due to the security of personal information, there is no opportunity for the public to find out the name, address, and information of one’s national identity card with a mobile number only.

How to get National Identity Card?

You need to apply online to get a new national identity card. After submitting the printed copy of the application form and the required documents to the selection office, your biometric information will be taken by sorting the verification. After the approval of the application, you will receive an SMS on your mobile and you will be able to download the national identity card online.

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