11 Best Restaurants in Dhaka Bangladesh

TeckTune has hand-picked the 11 best restaurants nearby Dhaka city, Bangladesh. Read reviews of the top 11 below, selected for impeccable service, sustainable sourcing, game-changing chefs, and experimental ingredients – and keep scrolling for the full list of the top 10 best restaurants in Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka. Including Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara, khilgaon, Baily Road, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, and Banani.

Best Restaurants in Dhanmondi

1. Cafe Darbar Dhammondi

What People Are Saying: Spent a splendid evening with family. Their rooftop is very nice with decorative lights. Tasted Bombay biriyani and set menus although they have reputable pasta. Quality was average. The inside decorations were good. Besides normal table chairs, there is a unique sitting arrangement there like darbar without chairs!

Address: Bikalpa Tower, 74,Satmosjid Road, Rd No 5/A, Dhaka 1205
Telephone: 01678-911911
WebsiteCafe Darbar Dhanmondi

2. Tree House Dhanmondi

What People Are Saying: Tried their Beef Sirloin Steak Bento, and the entire platter was delicious. The beef steak was so good, soft & juicy. Salad & prawn rolls are amazing. Loved this platter & will eat this again. Price approximately 1100+ TK.

Address: 11th floor, Rangs Fortune Square, Plot 32 Road No. 2, Dhaka 1205
Telephone: 01958-095886
WebsiteTree House Dhanmondi

Best Restaurants in Gulshan

3. Chef’s Table Gulshan

What People Are Saying: They have around 15 to 20 food courts here on top of unsmart. I have been able to taste foods from different stalls. I would want you to travel here and see the food menu yourself. The price won’t be much cheap but the food seemed good.

Address: Level 2 Gulshan Central Point, Rd 90, Dhaka 1212
Telephone: 01918-643663
WebsiteChef’s Table Gulshan
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4. Bistro-E

What People Are Saying: One of the best fine dining places you could go to. Of course its a bit expensive because of factors of location and all but worth it for special occasions. High quality delicious starters, mains steak, burgers, seafood and even desserts and shakes. Ambience and decoration 10/10 as well. Must try. 100% approved.

Great food. Great service. Prices are quite reasonable for what you are getting. The interior environment itself is very clean, cozy and vibrant. Highly recommend paying a visit. Note: Breakfast is till 11 am, Brunch is only on the weekends till 3 pm.

Address: Bay’s Edgewater 1st Floor NE (N, 12 Gulshan North Ave, Dhaka 1212
Telephone: 01799-337700
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Best Restaurants in Uttara

5. Ajo Idea Space

What People Are Saying: A very beautiful restaurant with very high-quality food. The place has no air conditioner, however, still it doesn’t feel hot inside there as it is designed in that way. The price of the food is on the level with the quality so it is worth it. The interior design is also very unique as normally the restaurants are not like that. So it is a must for you to go if you want good food in a nice place.

Address: 14/A, Rd No: 2, Dhaka 1230
Telephone: 01613-161616
WebsiteAjo Idea Space
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6. Lake Terrace

What People Are Saying: One of the best place to dine in Uttora. They have a beautiful environment with great seating arrangements. They offer tasty foods, in fact their sea foods are one of the best in town. Love the calamari and jamboo prawns they offer. The stake Platter is also awesome! Over all you’ll have a great time here. But the price range of the food is abit high, but with the environment and food quantity, can’t complain about it.

Address: House # 25/E, Lake Dr Rd, Dhaka 1230
Telephone: 01618-377223
WebsiteLake Terrace
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Best Restaurants in khilgaon

7. Cafe Appeliano

What People Are Saying: One of the best places to hang out with good food. What I like most about their food is – they give a high amount of food (especially rice) in their food. And The Food is very well. One of the best places to hang out.

-Set menu C-
Rating: 9/10 (rice, salad, tandoori chicken, vegetable).
Service: 10/10 (Went for iftar today)
Environment: 10/10 (Good air-conditioning system and smell).

This is like the 20th Time we have been here. Love the place 💜

Address: Sahid Baki Road, Khilgaon, Taltola, 568, Block – C, Dhaka 1219
Telephone: 01723-684068
WebsiteCafe Appeliano
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Best Restaurants in Baily Road

8. Madchef & Cheez Baily Road

What People Are Saying: From the ambiance to the food- everything is superb. They serve quality food on time, have the sweetest behavior, and the open kitchen always will get you a fresh and raw feel. People working there are humble. Tried their Cheez Alfredo pasta- the best pasta in town, no doubt. Try it. Won’t gonna regret it a bit. Cheers to the collab

Address: Near Mohila Shomiti, 4 Baily Rd, Dhaka 1000
Telephone: 01704-360944
Website: Don’t have
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Best Restaurants in Mirpur

9. Poornima Restaurant

What People Are Saying: This restaurant is very well known and has been serving over decades. The quality of food was good with low price. But something I have noticed recently they have increased the price of every item and the quality and quantity of food has downgraded so much I no longer can reccomend this restaurant anymore. One example I can give is their thai soup. It was my favorite item in their menu and used to cost 100BDT and with a lot of shirmps, but now you have to get it for 140BDT and the food got worse, you can hardly find any shirmp or chicken pieces. I also tried their lacchi and it was borderline bad. It was not good at all. To the stuffs of Purnima restaurant please make your restaurant return to its former glory.

Address: Shop – 1, National School Market, Mirpur- 2, Dhaka Dhaka, 1216
Telephone: 01917-269580
WebsitePoornima Restaurant
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Best Restaurants in Mohammadpur

10. Nawabi Voj Mohammadpur

What People Are Saying: We went there for a brunch and still got a good varieties of items from breakfast. Out of all the items we tried, the Nihari was exceptional. we also tried beef, chicken and vegetables as well. Their fresh juice was quite good as well.

Address: Q975+3F8, Nurani towers, Infront of Shea Mosjid, Ring Rd, Dhaka 1207
Telephone: 01787-300300
WebsiteNawabi Voj Mohammadpur
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Best Restaurants in Banani

11. Star Kabab & Restaurant

What People Are Saying: Star is an institution, bot just another restaurant. And an institute I admire quite a lot. It’s not only the food, I like their business philosophy as well. Being one of the most popular place for deshi food in Dhaka, they could charge a premium. But they don’t. Their price point is even lower than the very average nondescript restaurants. I’ve been going to Star for 2 decades now. And I don’t hesitate to take my “foreign guests” there and they love the authenticity of the place. I’m quite sure food taste has been on the wane, but the quality that they still offer is better than most places. I love their faluda the most. To me it’s the best in the city. And a Gujrati friend of mine complemented it to be one of the very best he ever had! They know one or two things about Faluda surely! I’d love it if I can take my grandkids to Star one day and tell them about my university days when Star was the best that we could afford and we had so much fun there! Long live Star!

Address: House-15 Rd no. 17, Block- C, Dhaka 1213
Telephone: 01795-201347
Website: Don’t have
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Verdict: Dhaka is a city that seems to move at a million miles per hour, but making time for food here is an absolute must. You’re supposed to savour your food, after all. The best restaurants in Dhaka celebrate the many magnificent flavours at Bangladesh’s disposal. The long history of this chaotic city is best explored through its menus, from Portuguese-Goan delights to migrant Parsi community cafes serving crisps brun maskas (toasted buns_ that will have foodies all aflutter. Dhaka’s is beloved for its museums, markets and parks, but its gastronomic scene is more than capable of holding its own.